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The first and last name you enter for your child must match the spelling and format on their official SFUSD record.  This form will not recognize different spellings for names.  For example, if your child's name appears as Matthew in the SFUSD record, this form will not recognize your child if you enter his name as Matt. Please refer to an SFUSD assignment letter, or SFUSD report card, if you need to confirm the spelling of your child's name as it appears in their SFUSD record. 

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Legal Disclaimer:

By submitting this Request for General Education Transportation Services, I affirm the above student is enrolled in the SFUSD school I selected. I acknowledge and agree that submission of this request does not entitle my student to transportation services and/or designated transportation routes.

I understand that, in the event I am offered transportation services, it is my responsibility to ensure that my student arrives to the designated bus stop on time for morning pick-up and that I make arrangements for my student's care and supervision following afternoon drop-off. I understand that SFUSD is not responsible for, and will not provide, supervision of my child at the designated bus stop(s), nor will SFUSD monitor individual student use of the bus stop(s) designated in this Request.  I will review with my student the procedures for boarding and exiting from the bus, as well as rules for student conduct while riding the bus. I understand that SFUSD transportation privileges may be revoked in accordance with the SFUSD transportation student conduct policy.

I swear under penalty of perjury that the information I have provided in this application is true. Applications which are found to have a fraudulent address or other false information will be immediately cancelled and any resulting offer of transportation services retracted. A notation of any falsified information may be included in the student's permanent record file. Keep in mind that if the District must hire an investigator or expend other resources in order to scrutinize your transportation request further, the District will charge you for these expenses if it ultimately determines the information you provided is invalid. The District also reserves the right to seek additional civil and/or criminal legal remedies against families that submit fraudulent information.

I waive any and all rights and claims, except those arising from an intentional wrong, gross negligence, or violation of law, against SFUSD, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers, for any injury or loss that may occur as a result of my child's participation in SFUSD Transportation services.

I, the parent guardian of the above student, have carefully reviewed, understand, and accept the provisions set forth in this Request for SFUSD Transportation Services form.